So I'll be down here for 27 months. I have lots of wall space and would love to receive some postcards from you back home. If you send me a postcard:

1) I'll be very happy, 2) I'll show it to everyone that comes to my apartment, 3) I'll send you a postcard, 4) You can be 100% sure that I won't forget who you are during my time here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a Few More Weeks of Training

Just 2 more weeks in El Paraíso and then 1 final week for our training after that. And I still have no idea where I´ll be spending my next 2 years. Hopefully out west, but I´ll find out for sure on May 5th. A lot of us try to guess but no one has any idea. And the guy who is in charge of our site placements loves to joke with us that he´s sending us to the south. Everyday he tells me I´m going to the south, Choluteca. It´s nice there, but it´s incredibly hot year round (without air conditioning), so some people really don´t want to go.

We´ve been really busy the last few weeks in training, learning and doing all sorts of stuff from building improved stoves to teaching high school students about HIV/AIDS and learning about watershed management. This Tuesday and Wednesday I´ll be giving a class to some Hondurans about coordinate systems and GPS. Supposedly 12 people will be showing up for it, but I hope less actually make it cuz 12 is a lot.

Last weekend we killed 3 chickens and 2 rabbits that my family had (they have a lot more animals too). But we ate them and it was delicious. The chicken is really easy to kill, just grab it by the neck, swing it around a few times and then it runs around a bit before being 100% dead. Then cut the neck to let all the blood out, put the chicken in hot water so it´s easier to pluck the feathers, clean and cook. I didn´t clean it, someone else did. Also it was pretty crazy, one of the other trainees when he swung the chicken around by the neck the neck just separated from the rest of the body. So the body ran around a bit while the head was in his hand.


  1. OMG...poor chickens..reminded me of my lab days when we killed rats with a guillotine for the sake of science, of!!!! I really hope you will get placed out west, as you wish for..I miss you so much.....with all my love. ima

  2. Wow! that was one crazy chicken....Ha! it can't be that disturbing. Seems like a lot of fun over there....=)