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Sunday, May 9, 2010

One goes home and Site Announcements

Now I´m back in Zarabanda/Valle de Angeles area, that´s where we spent the first 3 weeks. This Friday we´ll swear in to become official volunteers and Saturday we go to our new sites where we will live and work for the next 2 years. So the past week...

It´s sad yet exciting to leave El Paraíso. It was a really nice city, awesome host families, nice people, beautiful place also and being there was a great time. Between that and the luxurious life I was living I will miss it. But I´ll be back to visit. And going to our sites will be awesome. We´ll finally meet our counterparts, start to work and integrate into the communities that we´ll be living in for the next 2 years.

On Tuesday we played our last soccer game in Paraíso. The last few weeks we´ve been renting a field on Tuesdays because it was so much better. It was some intense soccer and a lot of fun. But after the game our project leader, Carlos, told us that one of the guys from our group had decided to leave Peace Corps and go back home. The guy that decided to leave, Shawn, was a very cool guy and I´d say quite a few of us were becoming pretty good friends with him, but most of us knew that at some point he would be leaving. It was the first person in our group that decided to leave so it was too bad. But all of us, including Shawn, know that he´s definitely going to be happier working either in the US or in Africa. So if you´re reading this man, good luck with reapplying to peace corps Africa!

That reminds me, one of my friends from high school who has been working in Nicaragua since October came to visit last weekend. It was a good fun weekend. So now to wait who´s the next person that will come visit me in this country...

On Wednesday we finally found out what we had all been waiting for, our site announcements! To think that until a few days ago no one knew where they´d be spending the next 2 years of their life. Although with all the hints we got from Carlos some of us had a pretty good idea where we might end up. But after Shawn decided to leave, they had to move some people around.. so 8 sites were changed that morning and some people were pretty mad where they ended up because of the change. They´ll get over it though. So my site... I´m going to live in Juticalpa, Olancho for the next 2 years! It´s a ¨big city¨ of 50,000-60,000 people in the East of Honduras. There´s lots of cattle and lumber industry in Olancho and people say that it´s like the wild wild west. I´ve been told there´s lots of machismo, mustaches, and sombreros there but I´ve also been told that´s just a stereotype. So I´ll find out for myself on Saturday. My counterpart is an engineer from SANA and there´s possibilities of getting involved in agriculture or irrigation work with an organization called PROLANCHO, but that all depends on me going out and starting that relationship. And that´s something I plan on doing.

For my first 2 months in Olancho, I´ll be staying with a host family and then hopefully I can find my own place afterwards. I don´t think that will be a problem seeing as it´s a big city. What else... I have 2 sitemates in Juticalpa from other projects (Peace corps Honduras has 6 projects, mine is Water and Sanitation) and there´s probably 5-8 other volunteers within 1 hour of where I´ll be at. And there´s a city closeby that has good Philly Cheesesteaks

So that´s not everything that´s been going on. But so many things have been happening the last couple of weeks it´s hard to remember everything and would be a lot to write. This week is cool because all 52 of us aspirantes (almost volunteers) are back together.

Hope all you guys are doing good


  1. Good luck in your new coutnry....what your doing is great....makes me want to take that path....

  2. My dearest Eyal,

    Congratulations on becoming an official PC volunteer, and good luck with your assignment in your new home in the "wild West"....I have no doubt that you will be very successful and will accomplish all that you aspire to do..

    I can't wait to hear all about it.

    With all my love.