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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Work y otras cosas

Working in the Biosfera Rio Platano and other things

I’ve been pretty busy with work lately. This topographic study that I’ve been doing has been taking a lot of time. If it wasn’t for the rain and a couple days of people not showing up to work then maybe I’d be done with it by now, but hopefully just 3 more days. Every day I go out to work there’s about 6 campesinos that come and work with me. They clean the path with their machetes, carry the Theodolite and other stuff and stand at various points with a large 4-meter ruler. Most of the people have been really great (always get a lazy one here and there), they’re nice, some people offer us fruit or coffee as we pass through their properties, so it’s pretty sweet. And it’s beautiful out here. Once I finish I’ll return to Juticalpa and work on the design for the system and hopefully funds will be coming one day to build it.

This past weekend there was a welcome party to all the new volunteers in Olancho, that’s the department of Honduras that I live in. The welcome party was combined with celebrating July 4th and was a really good time. There’s nothing like getting a whole bunch of gringos together in another country to celebrate their independence.

And something else very exciting, on July 15th, I’m moving into my own apartment! It’s been almost 5 months living with host families and will be so good to live on my own. Not that the host families are bad, they’ve actually been great and the houses really nice, but I want my own place, my own kitchen and to be able to do my own thing. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and a sweet view cuz I’m on the 3rd floor.

World Cup stuff. I’m sure most people are watching the games. Honduras lost 2 games and tied the 3rd (if I remember correctly) and they didn’t score even 1 goal. But it was the first time they’ve been in a world cup for many many years so that’s something at least. Everybody was watching or listening to the games. I missed the 2nd game cuz I was working and told the guys that were with me that we had to work all day. We were probably the only people in the country working during that game, maybe that makes me an ass, I dunno… It probably would’ve been crazy here if they would have won just 1 game.

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