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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tropical Storm Mateo, New Volunteers, y más

I’m not sure if you guys heard of the tropical storm Matt last week, but it was supposed to pass over Nicaragua and Honduras and possibly turn into a Hurricane. So Peace Corps called a consolidation in Olancho. That means that all the volunteers that live in smaller sites out in the middle of nowhere had to come into the big cities of Juticalpa or Catacamas (I’m only talking about the department of Olancho, I don’t know if this happened in other parts of the country). These volunteers got put up in a hotel for 2 nights and given some money for other costs. In these 2 nights, they were going to wait while the dangerous storm, which was thought would be a big mess, passed over.
Well it ended up being a joke. It rained a little bit, but not any more than it’s been raining since the day I got here. So it was a nice get together of some volunteers and we went out and partied a bit and enjoyed the nice city of Juticalpa for the weekend. If anything, I guess that it shows Peace Corps is looking out for us so that we’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere in a crazy storm.

A few weeks ago, a new group of Peace Corps Volunteers, H17, finished their training and got sent to their respective sites all over the country. Here in Olancho we got 3 new volunteers. Heather is a Youth Development volunteer in Juticalpa (so my new sitemate) and Ruth and Ben are 2 Protected Areas Management volunteers that got sent to Catacamas and a small aldea outside of Catacamas. So if any of you three are reading this, I hope you’re enjoying Olancho.

This also means that most of the volunteers from the H13 group that arrived a bit over 2 years ago are gone. My other sitemate Chad is from H13 but he extended for 4 months so he’s not gone just yet. But we did lose 3 volunteers from Olancho. Shannon and Kevin, I hope you guys are enjoying your journey through Latin America. You won’t be forgotten here (especially because half the things in my apartment I got from you). And my other sitemate, Matt, finished his 2 years but I think he’s coming right back to Olancho in a week or so. This may sound like there are a lot of volunteers around here… Well there are 3 here in Juticalpa, and within 2 hours on bus, you can find another 11.

Y qué más… We’ve started up again playing soccer a few times a week. Thank you SANAA for not having any funds to send your employees out to the aldeas, because of this everyone is around to play soccer. And some exciting news, I’m going to Costa Rica in early November for about a week! That is I’ll be gone for a week, but it takes about a full day to travel by bus from here to there.

Hope you’re all doing well back home. I don’t know who actually reads this, but my address is in the upper right-hand corner of this blog. Since I arrived in country, I’ve received a couple of things in the mail from my family (thank you), but I haven’t received post cards or anything else from anyone else… It would be cool to get something from you guys…

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  1. I've been reading the FB posts from Brianne and Joss (you have probably met them through Anna) about the 'Hurricane.' I'm glad you guys are safe but I hear Juti is more of a mudpit than normal.

    I didn't realize Shannon, Kevin and Matt are already done. Wow, time does go by really fast! I'm sure you are being more than welcoming to the new PC folks and lovin' Juti-life. I often find myself thinking about it, missing it and wondering how strange it is that it feels so far away when it's only been 3 months. This American life just throws you into the fast-lane!

    I'm super excited and happy for your Costa Rica adventure! Are you going with anyone or alone? Embrace the traveling, my friend...I do miss that, for sure!

    I'm planning on sending a package to Juti in a few weeks and will definitely include something for you. Anything specific that you want/miss from the States? Email me on FB and I will try to get it to you!!

    Lots of love and peace, my friend