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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fijese que...

Fijese que... is a very important line here and used all of the time. When someone starts saying this to you it means get ready because either something isn't ready, or something is cancelled, or anything that usually isn't what you want to hear. This week I've got quite a few of these so far. But first I'll back track a little bit.

For a while I haven't been very busy with work. My counterpart and I don't exactly agree on what my job should be. Plain and simple, he wants me to work by myself and I want to work with the other employees when I do topo surveys and designs. That's for a number of reasons, the biggest one being so that they learn and don't depend on Peace Corps Volunteers in the future. I had a meeting with him about this a few weeks ago with no positive results. One of the things that bothers me is that even apart from him only wanting me to work by myself, he doesn't want anything other than the topo studies/designs from PCVs. Although the topography is important for getting a project designed, I am not here to be a topographer for 2 years and I think a counterpart should want a PCV for more than just doing one job for two years (but maybe I'm wrong, who knows).

So I was going to the office in the mornings and helping the guys with some small things but no full out projects going on. Then, we had a regional meeting where all the PCVs in Olancho came to Juticalpa and we learned about how Olancho isn't the safest place in the world and about some interesting work that other volunteers in Olancho are doing. That same day Sean and Liza, 2 friends traveling north from Nicaragua, came here. Actually, they're my first two visitors in Olancho. And I'd say it was a fun crazy time while they were here. We spent a few days in Juticalpa and then went up north to Trujillo, a beach on the caribbean.
On the way there, we learned that the bridge broke a couple of weeks ago 

Me, Liza, Sean in the fortaleza overlooking the beach

A waterfall in Santa Fe 

Banana Beach

There's two PCVs that live in Trujillo, Jen and Julian. They hosted us and gave us some tips and it was an awesome time. Thanks guys! Both of them are also pretty busy with work now. I think the combination of being out of Olancho and around busy volunteers got me more motivated and ready to get some things started back in site.

When I got back to site, I met some people from a professional chapter of Engineers Without Borders that I'm going to start working with on a water project in Juticalpa. Their website here. They seem very organized and like they're going to do some good work so I'm excited to support them with what I can. And I also had a couple of things planned for this week work-wise.

That's when the Fijese ques started. Yesterday, I was supposed to go with my counterpart to see some construction of a water project and attend their town meeting. 'Fijese que... can't do it today, let's go tomorrow.' I was supposed to help someone with math but 'Fijese que... blah blah'. I also got a call saying that a short training I was supposed to give on water system design had to be moved till next week. That's 3 fijese que's in a day. Today, I got to work ready to go out to that construction and once again... shot down. Hopefully tomorrow...
But on the bright side, there is work starting up. I'm also going to start getting a topography training organized with the tecnicos in my office. A few of them are interested in learning. They're bored not ever having work. This will require developing some training materials but there are a few of us in the Wat/San program that are interested in working on that.

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  1. Hi Eyal, Great blog, as always..very interesting. I hope you don't get many more fijese que in the near future.

    I miss you. Lots of love.