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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

21/11/10 – English Class and More Food Stuff

My site mate Heather is a Youth Development Volunteer and she’s giving a couple classes to teachers with the TEAM program (Teaching English and Methodology) that Peace Corps has. So the students in the class are teachers. There are a lot of teachers that have to teach English in Honduras that don’t speak English. How can you do a good job teaching something that you don’t know? Well, the fact that very few people here can say more than “Hey what’s up man” and “you are beautiful” shows that maybe it’s not so easy to do.

Anyways, the classes had a quiz yesterday and I went to help make sure that no one was cheating on the quiz. You’d think that teachers are not going to cheat… Most of them didn't, but there was one teacher in the first class that had brought in her daughter (probably around 9 years old) despite the fact that Heather had told them they couldn’t bring their kids to class. The daughter would walk up to her mom and the mom would whisper to her asking for answers on the quiz probably because the daughter knew more than she did. I made the girl leave the class and now kept my eye on the teacher. One other person asked me for the answer to one of the questions to which I said ‘No, this is a quiz’. That wasn’t too bad. I liked the first class a lot. Except for a couple that don’t study, a lot of them seem like they’re having fun and learning.

The second class was something else. From when I walked in, it seemed like this class had been putting in less effort to study. I caught another teacher doing the same thing with her daughter. I told the daughter to get out and then 5 minutes later I caught her doing it again. At that point, I moved the teacher to another desk right in front of me and away from the door. Then, another teacher started asking me for a couple of answers. After saying no, he kept on asking me and said that if he failed the quiz that it would be my fault. Obviously he was right about that, I guess I’m a bad person. As soon as I turned around, he started asking another teacher who was walking by for the answers. I went over and told him to stop talking and finish his quiz or I’d take it and tell Heather he was cheating. Two other people had asked me if I could give them answers in the second class also.

I thought that was a bit ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I know lots of people cheat. I’ve cheated before (really?!?). But who would have thought that teachers would be cheating and continuously asking for answers? The class doesn’t even move at a fast pace, they are just too lazy to study. Then again, the education system is really bad here so maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising?

On another note, food… I had a past blog about food. As I said before, I like the plato típico here and other Honduran food. The food is pretty simple for the most part but tasty also. However, everything is fried and if I cook, I can eat a much bigger variety of food, it´s healthier and it´s cheaper. So, I´ve continued making Kimchi and can´t go a day without eating it. We started making some sushi. I even found wasabi powder to make wasabi. Continued a couple more times making hummus also. Unfortunately, I don´t think that you can get pita outside the capital so today I made chips (so easy, just take some tortillas, cut them, and fry them). And I´m starting to take a shot at making Indian food. Kirti gave me the idea of looking up recipes on YouTube. Great idea, YouTube has everything! Last night we made a Tomato and Onion Chutney and an Apple and Cilantro Chutney. The latter turned out amazing. The first one was good, but I didn´t have enough tomatoes so the onion taste kind of took over.
Chicha de Piña - Mix of water, sugar, Pineapple shell. Let it ferment to a tasty alcoholic drink 

Tortilla Chips

I´m going to keep downloading videos to see what else I can make. If you have any good recipes you want to share, send them to me: Also, next week I´ll be returning to the English classes to give out an exam. It should be fun. I´m excited to see the first class again. I think the second class didn´t like me though, too strict… This Thursday is Thanksgiving. A PCV in Catacamas is having a big dinner and I think we´re going to have all the good food people in the US will be eating (everything from turkey to pies).


  1. Just after posting this, I read an interesting article about cheating. Check it out:

  2. wow!!! you are strict!!! good for have good ethics...Loved your interesting..the sushi looks so professional. Looking at recipes on youtube is a really good idea. I always google the dish I want to make..I will try youtube also.. Have you tried the Indian recipe I sent you?

    Lots of love. Talk soon.