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Saturday, December 4, 2010

03/12/10 – Thanksgiving and Hannukah… in Honduras

Thanksgiving was about a week ago and you might wonder what celebrating it in Honduras would be like. First of all, Hondurans don’t celebrate it, and if they know what it is, then it’s probably because they have some American friends. So, this Thanksgiving I think that all of us were thankful for the fact that there are many other PCVs here. There were 2 Thanksgiving dinners in Olancho this year. I’ll just talk about the one where I was. Volunteers came from as far as 12 hours away. We had the dinner in Catacamas at Matt’s house and everyone was supposed to cook something and bring it there (almost everyone did). Between ~15 people, we had 2 turkeys, 3 kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, sweet potato and marshmallow casserole (I think that’s the name), cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, mac-n-cheese-n-ham, salad, corn, and freshly-made rolls. It was a ton of food and between my plate (see below) and a 40, my stomach was hurting. One of those good hurts though.

Most of the food that was prepared
My Plate

Then came dessert. We had some pumpkin pies, and a few other cakes and the most interesting looking thing was pineapples that were cut in half, gutted and then filled with pineapple pieces, rum and some other things. All of this was put in the oven for some time and then topped with marshmallows.
The Pineapple with rum and marshmallow dessert

The dessert table

One thing that you don’t realize about this meal is that some things aren’t very easy to find here in Honduras. Some products had to be bought in the capital which is 3-4 hours away (cranberry, pumpkin pie ingredients and I forget what else) and a couple products were even brought in from the good ol’ USA (a huge block of cheddar cheese, brown sugar, and I think sliced almonds although I just found those in Tegucigalpa the other day).

If you think Thanksgiving sounded exciting, well a couple of days ago it was the first night of Hanukah!! Most Hondurans don’t know what Jews are. The best response that I’ve got when I say I’m Jewish was “but what religion, is it catholic or evangelical…?” The typical response is “what is that” or just a blank stare. Anyways, I originally thought 2 other volunteers close by were going to come to Juticalpa tonight for a Honduran Hanukah. I planned on making latkes, applesauce, and hummus and possibly even falafel. But plans have changed and maybe we’ll celebrate another night. So as of now, no Hanukah celebration, but eh what can you do.

Hope all you guys had a good thanksgiving back home. Let me know how you celebrated. And to my Jewish friends, you better be spinning that dreidle all week long!

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  1. Hi Eyal, What a great TG you had..were there any of your Honduran friends or only PCV? I spent my TG on the plane and unfortunately we didn't get turkey... It's great that you had good intentions to celebrate Hannukah...Maybe another night.

    As always, I love your blogs...

    Lots of luv and I miss you so much.