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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recent Happenings

Many things have been going on recently. Some are exciting while others not so much. Instead of going into detail about everything, I’ll write a quick summary of what I’ve been up to…

Work… Work with SANAA has not been busy at all. Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen my official counterpart since late December. Some tecnicos and I had 2 projects scheduled this month and one day I got two fijese que… in a matter of minutes so that was beat. I’ve helped with a couple of small things in the office but nothing big. I did meet the WatSan volunteer that served here in 2005-2007 which was cool. He seems to have the same thoughts as me about this office. I have started talking with a new office, La FAO. They work with groups of campesinos in agriculture. I have a bit to learn, but I hope to be assisting them with irrigation systems. It’s nice because they currently have funding from Spain so are able to drive places and hold trainings. This past week I was translating for a medical brigade that came here from Canada. Their group is called ‘Friends of Honduran Children’ and there were probably around 15 of them, a mix of doctors, nurses, a dentist and some more. I’ll write more about the medical brigade trip later this week as well as put up some pictures.

Living Situation… I have to move out of my apartment because Peace Corps says so. My sitemate and I can no longer live in an apartment building, so we each have to find a house now. The only thing is that it’s tough to find a house within our price range that isn’t very far from everything and in a good neighborhood. I’ve been walking around the city looking for rent signs and asking random people on the street or in pulperias if they know of any places. We’ll see what happens. It is a bit frustrating though.
Where I live currently, there are 8 other gringos (plus myself). It’s more than I ever thought I’d be close to before doing Peace Corps. I don’t think PC wants us living in the same building as so many of our paisanos.

Last week I worked with Matt, the PCV in Catacamas, for a day and then helped him move into his new house. Happened to be the same day as his birthday so the next day he had a birthday/house-warming party that ended up being pretty wild.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.. I’m going to be visiting the US in May! I just got my tickets. So May 8 and 9 I’ll be in Chicago and from May 10 – 16 I’ll be in Philadelphia. So looking forward to seeing people and having some good times!

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  1. Hi Eyal,

    Interesting blog...I am so looking forward to spending time with you and hear more about your life in Honduras as a PCV.

    Lots of luv.