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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Three Major Events

There have been three recent happenings, which for me are pretty big. Two are good and one is bad. I’ll go in order of what was first without too many details that may bore you.

#1. I just went to the USA for 10 days and it was my first time going in 15 months.  I really wasn’t sure what the trip was going to be like. A lot of people talk about experiencing reverse culture shock and some people when they go visit want to come back to Honduras right away. First, I went to Chicago where I saw my mom and ex-Olanchana RPCV Erika. Chicago is a great city. The two days that I spent there wasn’t very much time, but I had a great time and it seems like a great city. From there, I went to Philadelphia where I saw my dad, many friends from college and high school, and other people throughout the city. I lived in Philadelphia for 5 years and love the city and it was great to be back. I was able to bike everywhere and the weather was nice (I think I got used to the ‘cold weather’ from the first 2 days in Chicago). At the end of my trip, I wanted to stay longer which is the opposite of what I originally thought would have happened. The main thing that stuck out to me was that many people are doing things in the states. There’s a lot of movement, innovation, and an energy that I don’t get as much here in Honduras. Before the trip, I was thinking a lot of extending to do a third year of PC, but now I’m leaning more towards finishing at the two-year point. That thought always changes though so only time will tell. I will say however that being back in Honduras I am happy and there are certain things that living/working here has to offer that the US doesn’t. If there was nothing good about being here, then I would go home tomorrow (which yes, we have that option). And no, I did not experience reverse culture shock.

#2. Work. Two good developments with work. After meeting with my counterpart, it seems that I have plenty of work to keep me busy for a long time. The big part of that is that the work I’m doing might be built before I leave and it’s for Juticalpa, which has tons of water issues! Also, the other day I went out to see the construction of the first project that I did after arriving in site here. Almost one year ago, I did my first topography study and design for a conduction line that will serve the urban center of San Francisco de Becerra and finally funds have been obtained (which I believe has part to do with them being hard workers as well) and now they are in the construction phase. There have been no funds in SANAA Juticalpa since I got here so it’s nice to see something finally being done with my projects other than being archived (well one of them at least.  Another small one was built but I don’t count it). At this point, I say no to any project they ask me to do if they plan on putting it in the archive. I’ve seen a few projects get lost that were done 5-10 years ago by old PCVs and that’s just a waste of our time.

Construction of la presa in San Francisco de Becerra

#3. This is the bad one. Today there was a safety and security meeting in Catacamas with the volunteers from that area. Turns out that due to recent events, the volunteers from Catacamas, Santa Maria de Real and the area outside will be pulled out next week and sent to other parts of the country. I imagine that area will also become off-limits for PCVs. Best of luck to the six of you who are being pulled out and we will miss you. If you’re sent somewhere that isn’t too far, I’ll go and visit you in your new sites. Although honestly, I barely travel in Honduras except for going to El Paraiso and Choluteca so try to get sent there. But yeah, Olancho just lost a solid group of people.

Map showing Juticalpa and Catacamas in relation to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras

I could probably write a lot more on each one of these things. If you really want to know more then let me know or else maybe I’ll elaborate in a future post (although a bit doubtful).


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