So I'll be down here for 27 months. I have lots of wall space and would love to receive some postcards from you back home. If you send me a postcard:

1) I'll be very happy, 2) I'll show it to everyone that comes to my apartment, 3) I'll send you a postcard, 4) You can be 100% sure that I won't forget who you are during my time here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Beautiful City of Juticalpa.

Some people would not agree when I say Juticalpa is nice, but check it out and decide for yourself.

My Apartment (left)

Heather Being a Tourist in Juticalpa

Pulperia Across the Street

Hospital (built by the Japanese



One of the few 'Big' Supermarkets

Center Park

The Town Hall / Mayor's Office

Mexican Tacos With Unfriendly Workers

Banco Atlantida - center park

La Iglesia

Honduran Jerseys and Flags


La Surena (for fruits and veggies)

Eskimo! Ice Cream and Milkshakes

I'm still missing pictures of a few important places such as the Uniplaza (like a small mall), the gas stations, La Colonia Supermarket and Bus Stations.


  1. I've been to Juticalpa and know it's not beautiful but these pictures make it look better than I remember...

  2. I used to say it was an ugly city, but if you take the time to go around town slowly, hit up all the used american shops, try all the new restaurants or comedors, and not do that when it's super-hot outside, then it's not all that bad. Not to mention that those park baleadas I just ate were delicious...

  3. Eyal,

    Have you seen any Ted Talks? Groups can sponsor Tedx conferences worldwide and I think that it'd be super cool to get development people in Honduras to participate in one. Do you think that there would be enough interest?


  4. Hi Eyal,

    Nice pictures. Seems very tranquil....

    Luv u.