So I'll be down here for 27 months. I have lots of wall space and would love to receive some postcards from you back home. If you send me a postcard:

1) I'll be very happy, 2) I'll show it to everyone that comes to my apartment, 3) I'll send you a postcard, 4) You can be 100% sure that I won't forget who you are during my time here.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Live Like a PCV Challenge!

I haven't blogged in a while, and I will soon. But until I actually write another blog, check out the PCV (peace corps volunteer) Challenge. The website has all the details.

The general webpage is:

And the page specific for Honduras is:

Can you do it? Let me know if you do. All these things describe pretty well some of the differences/difficulties for an estadounidense, more commonly known as gringo, living in Honduras.

I will add, however, that my life is not so tough here (as the different levels of difficulty for the challenge may suggest).
For Level 2, the last two items don't apply to my situation here.
For Level 3, the 3rd and the last items don't apply either.
For Level 4, the first and last do not, and
For Level 5, the most difficult level, the first and third do not and the last one not completely.

Good luck to you all

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