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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Honduras In the News

Since the Peace Corps announced that all the volunteers were leaving Honduras, quite a few articles have came out.

In English about PC Leaving

Peace Corps Official Statement
NY Times - Peace Corps Cuts Back in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador

En Espanol

La Prensa - Por Inseguridad Voluntarios Se Retiraran de Honduras (Honduran Newspaper)
La Prensa Grafica - EUA Suspende Promocion de Cuerpo de Paz a Guatemala Y Salvador (This one has some intense comments that people left)

Random Articles
Washington Post - Grim Toll As Cocaine Trade Expands in Honduras

Definition of Peace Corps on Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary

This all comes in good timing as Honduras recently moved to number ONE for highest homicide rate in the world segun a study done by the UN. I guess it's true that Honduras does always win. Way to go.

On another note, there has been chisme of when we are actually leaving Honduras. It seems that our volunteer conference will be held in Teguicalpa from Jan. 12th - 14th (pending official confirmation) and from there volunteers would be flying home either Jan. 15th or 16th.

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  1. I do want to add that although these articles make Honduras sound almost like a warzone when talking about the gangs, narcos, killings, etc..., we don't all live in a constant state of fear. I and many other volunteers feel quite safe in our sites and other places we go. Some volunteers are exposed to these things more than others but Peace Corps tries to keep us out of the worst places.