So I'll be down here for 27 months. I have lots of wall space and would love to receive some postcards from you back home. If you send me a postcard:

1) I'll be very happy, 2) I'll show it to everyone that comes to my apartment, 3) I'll send you a postcard, 4) You can be 100% sure that I won't forget who you are during my time here.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Officially Done

As of February 15th, all the Peace Corps Volunteers from Honduras are officially C.O.S.'ed (in short, that means we are no longer volunteers... and officially unemployed). The last 30 days before the 15th we were technically still volunteers but were on administrative hold while PC Honduras evaluated Honduras' security situation. From what they have told us, their decision is that all the volunteers are COS'ed and further analysis will continue to take place. So, of the 158 volunteers that were working in Honduras, none of us will go back; but there is a chance that future training classes could be sent to work again.

This past month has been awesome. Winter in Philly has been pretty mild so biking around has been nice. Although, I didn't realize how much my beard was keeping me warm till I shaved part of it...

My face was freezing after my first bike ride like this. But I was able to warm up afterwards in Miami for a few days. I'm back in Philadelphia now, but in the next couple months I'll be going to Baltimore, DC (RPCV Career Conference), California, NYC, and a few cities in Europe. 
Depending on 1) how much money I have left, and 2) if someone wants to hire me, my travels might continue afterwards or I might start working. Either way, I'm sure whatever follows will be fun and exciting. If I start working, then I'd like to get a job in Philly, but am up to moving anywhere *as long as it's a good job and a nice city/town*.

Well, this is my last post about Peace Corps Honduras, but I might follow-up with some random topics in the future. Thanks to everyone who's followed my blog posts, hope you've enjoyed.

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