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Sunday, April 22, 2012


So I'm still traveling, not working just yet... The other day I flew into Heathrow airport in London. As usual it took forever waiting in line to get through immigration. But finally after getting through I didn't have to wait more than 2 seconds for my bag to show up in baggage claim and then headed out. My friend Patrick was there waiting for me and we drove up to Swindon where he lives. As I believe is typical in England it was overcast and raining. We went to the huge local Walmart to get some food for the week and I really was shocked at the size of the store. I also learned about Dyson, the company he works for. They're known for their high end vacuum cleaners. I never knew that some people paid so much money for vacuums, but they really are high quality.

Huge Walmart

The next day we went to Stonehenge, Salisbury and Bath. Paddy and Laura really talked Stonehenge down before going so Im not sure if thats one of the reasons for not being highly impressed with it. Although considering how old it is, it's impressive that such big rocks were put up to stand like that.

Notice in this picture that we're behind the fence, that's because I think it costs 20 pounds to go in, and still you can only walk around the circle. Good enough view from here though.

Salisbury was a nice little town, but I really liked the city of Bath. It just had this old and grand auora about it. Hard to explain, you just have to go. 


Hot Sausage stand in Bath


Me in Bath

Nice view of Bristol

Some of the graffiti

Between Swindon, Bath, Bristol and my last half day in London it was a fun and busy, yet relaxing week. Although I dont think I had even one conversation with an English person all week (my friends and their friend are Irish and in London I hung out with Emily and Haley, 2 friends from Drexel). To get out, I took the fast Eurostar train under the English channel over to Paris. It was pretty awesome and much easier than going to an airport. It took just a couple minutes to go through immigration (no arriving 2 hours early to the airport) and in 2 hours I went from the middle of London to the middle of Paris.

Playing mini golf in Swindon

At the bar in Swindon with Paddy and Jonnie

Park in Swindon

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