So I'll be down here for 27 months. I have lots of wall space and would love to receive some postcards from you back home. If you send me a postcard:

1) I'll be very happy, 2) I'll show it to everyone that comes to my apartment, 3) I'll send you a postcard, 4) You can be 100% sure that I won't forget who you are during my time here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

After More Than 3 Years, Back to the 'Real Life'

Last week I started a new job. I guess many people would say I'm finally back to the 'real world' and working a 'real job'.

I'm very excited for my new job. Both the work, the people, and the company seem great. No details now, but my title is Automation Engineer and the company I'm working for is NNE Pharmaplan. Although my first 3 weeks of work are mainly training out of the HQ in North Carolina, I'm based out of Philly.

Between Peace Corps and traveling, the last three years have been amazing. It's a bit crazy thinking in how many places I've been and many of the experiences that almost don't seem real thinking back to them (especially in Olancho...). I'm sure whatever is to follow now will also be amazing, everything is really just what you make out of it. This job will keep me busy as I'll be going through a large learning curve to get caught up with pharma, manufacturing, MES and whatever else I can get involved in. I've been waiting for this for a while, I'm going to enjoy the intensity of everything!

Well, other than that, since this is my 'Peace Corps Blog', I'll say Peace Corps was an amazing and unique experience that you can only really experience by...... being a Peace Corps volunteer! I highly recommend it to anyone that may be thinking about it. It's definitely got both ups and downs, but in the end the positive greatly outweighs the negative in my opinion. If anyone has questions about Peace Corps or Honduran/Olanchano life then feel free to contact me.

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